Surviving to Thriving Through Determination & Support

I remember being at girl scout camp and playing the game “Telephone.” One person makes up a story and then whispers it into someone else’s ear. Then that person follows suit and does the same to the next person, etc., etc. At the end of the game, the last person who hears the story says aloud what they heard. Naturally, it never comes out the same as the original story. I think it is funny how adult life can mirror life growing up as a child. It appears we can never outgrow middle school behavior. A massive series of events have occurred in my life, and now you can hear it right from the source.

I received my UFC contract back in August 2019. At that time, I had thought, “I did it.” I accomplished my goal of making it to the big show. Everything from here on will be great. I can quit my job and train full time. I can finally launch my career. However, reality took its place very quickly. One thing after another, after another, kept hindering my chances to fulfill my entire dream. My body, the pandemic, gym drama, losing my debut fight, having a 2021 fight canceled. I started to think that maybe I should give up. I was so tired of struggling and barely making it. I decided to go back to school to ensure some future security – Plan B; but I was not done just yet.

I changed gyms back in January 2021. My new coach Justin Stone asked me if I wanted this to be my job or my career. He told me to put my heart and soul into this. To do all the things and all the things will come. We made a game plan, and he really helped me believe in myself again that I could do this. We decided I needed to travel to help me grow. I was going to do whatever it took to make myself better. But this plan didn’t help my financial situation. I still had to fulfill my duties with my sponsors from my fight that got canceled in May 2021. My husband took an additional job to allow me more training time, but I still needed help. After my last paycheck, I had prayed to God and said, “Lord, this is all I have right now, and this is not even mine. This belongs to you. I pray to help guide me and lead me to more. To get to do more than barely survive.” And I gave my tithe. Little did I know how much grace would shine upon me.

I was training in Dallas when I contacted my old friend, Janelle, for some guidance. I told her how much I was struggling. I was going to school, working at Starbucks, training, and now trying to find partners to make myself better. She decided to take me under her wing. She asked me a few questions, and we brainstormed a bit. I told her how some people wanted to support me but did not have a business or were not interested in being a sponsor. Janelle decided to set up a GoFundMe drive. I was a little hesitant and embarrassed about putting one out there. Still, it was also an excellent way for my friends, fans, and family to support my goals and training. Little did I know it would be the game changer I needed to make my training camp happen!

It just so happens we set up the GoFundMe at the perfect time. I did not realize how much controversy was around the UFC about fighter pay. This industry debate was one of the underlying reasons my campaign took off the way it did, for better or worse. Quickly the telephone game began. However, it really helped me in the end! I would have never thought Jake Paul would lay eyes on my story. That Triller Fight Club would follow suit and fulfill my goal that I never thought I would reach. In a blink of an eye, my life had changed. Jake Paul and Triller set the tone for my fight camp and potentially my career! They invested in me without a second thought of gaining anything in return. Still, I will be working my butt off and hope to help someone else similarly down the road. 

I can now train and give myself a fair chance to see what I can become. I am taking this opportunity, and I am going to soar with it! This is the chance that I have been waiting for, and I will not let it pass by me. I am doing all the things! Keep your eyes on me! 

Exclusive Jake Paul & Sarah Alpar Zoom Call

Following an incredible week of media attention, fundraising, and growing the “Too Sweet” Tribe, I took a moment to sit back, breathe, and count my blessings. My team got with Jake Paul’s team and set up a meaningful Zoom call. As a result, my family and I were able to thank Jake Paul virtually face-to-face for impacting our lives in a hugely positive way. Published publicly for the first time, here is that conversation. 

Thank you for being a part of the “Too Sweet” tribe – we are going to rock the MMA world! 

4 thoughts on “Surviving to Thriving Through Determination & Support

  1. Your one of the most deserving and genuine humans I know. Always too sweat, paying it forward and fixing time and attention to all you come across no matter how busy you are or how hard your working. We work hard with our own hands. When we are cursed, we bless; when we are persecuted, we endure it; 1st Corinthians 4:12! I believe in you and I know God has your destiny planned out. Reach out and touch them all. Your a living testimony of gods great love ❤️

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