Sarah Alpar advocates strength, self worth, esteem, and inner beauty. She is currently about image 1ranked number one in Oklahoma in the flyweight division and holds multiple titles. Sarah plans on making MMA a career and is striving to become as successful as possible trying to get on to the UFC.

Sarah was born in Amarillo, Texas to Andrew and Candace Alpar. She became the first girl in history at Bonham Middle School to be on the wrestling team and went on to pursue wrestling throughout high school and a year in college. She switched over to MMA in 2011 and has made it an ambition to pursue herself as much as she can in her MMA career. Sarah attended Oklahoma City University, Amarillo College, and West Texas A&M University, where she completed her Bachelors in Sports Exercise Science. Her inspirations include her high school wrestling coaches; Johnny Cobb, Donna Welch, and Joe Stafford, who have molded Sarah’s principles to have class act in the cage and to be the best person she can be outside the cage.

Outside of fighting, Sarah is passionate in being a role model those who need an encouraging hand. She strives to be the inspiration for women and girls who have lost themselves along the way and need a little reassurance that they are beautiful inside and out. She also enjoys hobbies such as singing, writing music, and painting.

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